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Interested in buying or selling a business?
With the help of Cress V. Diglio, a certified business broker, finding and purchasing a business will be a truly easy, stress free process.


A Florida Business

Free initial consultation from a Certified Business Broker, CBI and M&AMI to assess the marketability of your business.


A Florida Business

My goal is to augment your knowledge about your purchase and reveal your individual strengths, needs and desires.

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Cress V. Diglio has been helping business owners with business valuations for more than 20 years. Contact him today.

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    The Leading Orlando Business Broker, FL - Cress V. Diglio

    Cress V. Diglio is the best business broker. Here’s why. Cress V. Diglio has the experience and market knowledge as a certified business broker to help you manage all phases of the business transaction, whether you are buying or selling. He works hard for you to achieve the best possible outcome.

    If you’re looking to buy a business or sell an existing business, you’ve come to the right place.

    “Cress V. Diglio is a certified and experienced business broker ready to help you buy or sell a business”

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    Business Broker Helps You Buy a Business

    With a thorough knowledge of the market, Mr. Diglio will guide you in finding the best business acquisition to suit your needs. He will search through thousands of listings of businesses for sale. Once he has honed in on a business that matches your goals, Mr. Diglio will walk you through the negotiation and acquisition process.

    Cress V. Diglio will ensure that all of the necessary documentation is assembled and properly prepared to complete the transaction. But, that’s not all. Your personal business broker will be there to work with you through the transition of ownership after the deal is closed.

    Business Broker Helps You Sell Your Businesses

    Making that critical decision to sell, merge, or transfer your company to the next generation requires expert guidance of a certified business broker. Your exit strategy is essential to your success.

    Whether you’re looking to find your dream business as a first time business owner or preparing to move on and find your next business venture, Cress V. Diglio is the perfect choice. He understands that selling a business is an involved process that demands discretion and expertise at every step to finalize the transaction and achieve the best return on your business.

    • The needs of my clients and customers always come first.
    • Successfully participated in over 500 business transactions.
    • Success ratio 3 to 4 times greater than the national average.
    • Professionally trained with over 20 years of combined experience.
    • Facilitating a proven, professional process for successful business transactions.
    • Specializing in: Business Sales, M&A, Valuations, Exit Strategies, Franchise Sales – new and resale.
    • Adhering to the highest professional standards for brokers.
    • Less than 100 Business Brokers in the world hold the CBI and M&AMI Designations
    • Less than 5 Brokers in the state of Florida hold both designations
    • 2015 IBBA Chairman
    • Past IBBA Education Committee Chair and CBI Committee Chair
    • Certified IBBA and Transworld Instructor

    Searching for Business Brokers Orlando, FL? Stop Searching

    You’ve found the best business broker, Cress V. Diglio. Many people think one of the most important financial decisions you make will be whether or not you buy a business or sell your business. While it is truly an important decision, the most important decision is finding the right business broker for you, out of all of the other options in the area.

    Here’s Why Cress V. Diglio is the Best of Business Brokers in Orlando Area

    Specialists in the area are plentiful; however, Cress V. Diglio is the leading contender of certified business brokers. His experience, education and training have helped Central Florida residents with not only business valuations and mergers but also buying and selling businesses.

    Still not sure which of all the pfofessionals should you utilize for your purchase or sale of your business? Maybe this will help. Mr. Diglio is amongst a few business brokers in Orlando, FL, that are certified as a CBI and M&AMI, have more than 500 transactions mediated, are top credentialed, have 20 years experience and received numerous industry awards.

    More than 500 Transactions Mediated

    Mr. Diglio has been one of the very few business brokers Orlando business entrepreneurs have been fortunate to have worked on their behalf for the past 20 years. He personally has successfully mediated over 500 transactions. This alone puts him at the top of the list.

    Top Credentialed Professionals

    As a Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Merger and acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI), a graduate of the IBBA’s Train the Trainer, and a Certified Instructor teaching classes on franchising, pricing businesses and analyzing and recasting financial statements, Cress is dedicated to the industry and the people he serves.

    With a solid comprehension and application of finance, legal, and accounting disciplines, Cress also utilizes his proficiency in marketing, negotiating, and due diligence to enable both buyers and sellers to propel their business goals to fruition.

    Over the past 20 years, Cress has worked with the largest Business Brokerage Organizations in the world. Along the way he has won the highest awards & accolades from these organizations, including the Tom West Award in 2019, the 2018 IBBA Chairman’s Circle Award, and multiple other awards from the IBBA.

    If you’re looking to buy or sell a business in Orlando, Tampa or Jacksonville, don’t hesitate to contact Cress V. Diglio and see how he can assist you.

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