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A Florida business broker can facilitate a business transaction with the highest professional standards, and ensure your purchase or sale of a business has the best financial outcome.
Business Brokers in Florida Look Up to One
Cress V. Diglio has achieved the Certified Business Intermediary (CBI), Merger & Acquisition Master Intermediary (M&AMI) designations. There are less than 100 business brokers in the world and less than 5 in the state of Florida who hold both designations.
He is also the past Chairman of the largest business broker association in the world – the International Business Brokers Association (IBBA) as well as the past IBBA Education Committee Chair and past IBBA CBI Committee Chair. The choice is clear. When looking for a Florida business broker, contact Cress Diglio.
Business Brokers of Florida Help Buy, Sell, Merge
Business brokers in Florida can help business owners and buyers in several ways. First a Florida business broker can help you sell your business. Florida business brokers can also help you purchase an existing business. Additionally, business brokers in Florida can help an owner of a business merge with another business. Putting the needs of their clients first and specializing in business sales, M&A, valuations, exit strategies, franchise sales, both new and resale, Florida business brokers are a valuable asset in the business world.
How Can Florida Business Brokers Help With Valuations?
Determining what your business is worth and being able to determine what the right time to sell are some of the key reason you need business brokers of Florida to help you with a business valuation.
After investing years of hard work, your time and money into a business, a Florida business broker understands the importance of selling your business for the highest price.
Cress Diglio utilizes a proprietary business valuation system to provide owners with a detailed report showing what a business is worth in the current marketplace.
Business Brokers of Florida Use These Valuation Techniques
Some of the latest valuation techniques that Florida business brokers utilize are: recasting financial statements (Tax returns, P&L, Balance Sheet), defining future business assumptions, developing industry analysis, assessing intangible and tangible assets, and identifying various other value drivers.
Some of the other value drivers that can increase the value of a business and also are important in a buyers decision-making process are: profitability of the business, type of business, history of the business and the industry, growth, current customers or clients, market share, the quality of financial statements, the size of the company, the management that is in place, the terms of the sale and the location of the business.
Challenges Florida Business Brokers Face in Business Valuations
Business brokers in Florida know that business value means different things to different people. While a business owner may sees its relationship with the local community being worth a lot, a buyer may not agree thus resulting in varying selling price and different business valuations.
A second challenge Florida business brokers and owners face in business valuation is the status of the economy at the time may effect what the business is worth.
A third challenge that business brokers in Florida must overcome is that they need to evaluate what a business is worth when taking the specific circumstances of the business sale into consideration. For example, a business that is being sold at auction, verses one that has a well planned sales and marketing strategy and has been showing stable, forecasted growth.
Business Brokers Florida – Good At What They Do
Many business owners are good at what they do, in terms of growing their business, managing employees, and handling the day-to-day operations, but chances are, most owners have never sold a business. Part of being successful is learning when its best to do something yourself and when to hire an expert. With all the hard work and time invested in your business, for your final payoff, you should have a Certified Florida Business Broker in your corner.
Your are in the right place to Buy or Sell your Florida business!
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