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Get the Maximum Value When Selling Your Business In Florida

Entrusting all of your hard work, years and labor invested in your business to an unqualified business broker can cost you lots of money that you will never recuperate. While letting go of the reins to hand your firm over to someone else can be a difficult and stressful process, working with Cress V. Diglio, CBI, M&AMI will ensure that the gains make it all worthwhile.

It doesn’t matter what’s motivating you to get out while the getting is good. Regardless of whether you’re trying to take more time for your personal health, you want to retire or you’ve just run out of the capital and drive you once had, Mr. Diglio knows how to help you maximize value while successfully transitioning from business owner to the next stage of your life.

Getting the Most for Your Business

Mr. Diglio’s goal is to help you structure your business deal from the ground up by beginning with a FREE initial consultation to assess the marketability of your business. He’ll take a look at the types of equipment you have, the material condition of your assets and the market conditions your company operates in. Mr. Diglio will also examine your accounting reports and past history to create a more comprehensive picture of what your business is worth.

The decision to sell a business is often a difficult one because of the profound personal and financial impact. Many different influences bring business owners to this decision, including:

  • Serious illness or disability
  • Personal preference of the owners to retire
  • Divorce or dissolving of partnership
  • Lack of sufficient working capital
  • Secure the future by cashing out
  • Worrisome exposure to business risks
  • Owner’s desire to pursue other business interests
  • Relocation

Employing Expert Valuations

Business valuation is a process and a set of procedures used to determine what a business is worth. While this sounds easy enough, getting your business valuation done right takes preparation and thought. As an intermediary that understands many valuation methods, Mr. Diglio typically employs multiple models in order to help you determine the best-selling price.

Receive Guidance from a Certified Trainer

Getting advice and guidance from an expert is ideal, no matter what area you are focused. With Mr. Diglio, you can tap into the wisdom he has accrued over his years and benefit from some of the same the knowledge he regularly imparts to Business Brokers around the world. As a certified broker trainer, Mr. Diglio teaches IBBA Course #221 “Pricing Small Businesses” to Business Brokers worldwide.

Maximizing Transaction Profitability

Many people make the mistake of talking about their intent to sell before they’re actually ready to make a move. Seeking advice before you get too deep into things is a common need; however, some advice for you is that you take advantage of Mr. Diglio’s confidentiality, instead of spreading the news around elsewhere before we confidentially or strategically market the business for sale.

Hitting the Window of Opportunity

By analyzing your firm’s profitability history and past trend data, Cress V. Diglio can target the precise moment when purchaser confidence will be at its highest. Although market trends are definitely important, his ability to create better-looking corporate profiles is often sufficient to overrule any reservations that potential buyers harbor.

Buying or Selling a Franchise?

Mr. Cress Diglio can assist franchisees and franchisors in the acquisition and sales of their businesses. As a franchise broker, Mr. Diglio is able to match people looking into becoming franchise owners with franchise opportunities that are a good fit. If you’re interested in exploring franchise ownership, or you are a franchisor wanting to sell new or existing franchise units and area development territories, contact Mr. Diglio today.

Work With An Experienced Broker

Mr. Diglio has a franchise background and is knowledgeable about the franchise process. He’s certified to teach Business Brokers IBBA Course #110 Selling New and Existing Franchised Businesses. Cress V. Diglio has successfully sold franchises such as Firehouse Subs, Comfort Keepers, TCBY Yogurt, 1st Light Homecare, Huntington Learning Center, Tropical Smoothie Café and many more.

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